Welcome to the Wizard of Clay Pottery!
Ancient people used earth, fire, and water to create beautiful as well as practical objects and vessels to ease and enrich their lives. Among the oldest artifacts we have are pieces of fired clay that have endured for thousands of years.

At the Wizard of Clay we proudly carry on this tradition. We work to make each piece as functional as possible, providing its owner with the timeless beauty and joy that only an art object can. We welcome you!

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Recent News

Wizard at work

Watch the Wizard at work in the studio.

Visit the shop to watch the process live, and place a pin on our visitor location map!

New roof for the domes!

From the current wizard, Jamie Kozlowski:

When I was 11 years old, back in 1979, I watched my Father, the original Wizard, build the first 4 of 7 geodesic domes that house The Wizard of Clay Pottery. I remember him saying that the roof should last for 40 years. Somehow I knew way back then that I would be the one to re-roof the domes. That day has come. We are starting with the main store dome and will do one per year for the next few years. I’ll get up there for part of the project, on days I’m not throwing. I love you Dad, don’t worry about a thing…I got this.

Stop by the shop to see the progress!